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Monster Face

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Hi all! [25 Jun 2005|05:53pm]
Sorry I haven't been able to comment I have been in Palm Springs and of course I only have access to dial-up...once I get back home I will make sure and leave comments for everyone like a little comment fairy....

Love and kisses for all.
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[22 Jun 2005|08:21pm]
Right after the post before this was made, I found the biggest steepest hill I could find and charged down it. The board started sputtering and I flew onto the streets...check it out:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I am bloody all over. Wow! What a way to start out with a bang...After that I went to my cousins graduation...and hearing all these speeches about starting anew in life made me think. On the way home I listened to "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. Not a day wasted so far.
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[22 Jun 2005|01:54pm]
School is [fucking] OUT.
Thank the [fucking] lord, I was failing all of my classes and now I am actually passing some of them. I am going to go skate and rejoice.

I never want a day of the summer to be wasted.
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[18 Jun 2005|06:55pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

"Everything is everything
Everything is everything
The more I talk about it
The less I do control
Everything means EVERYTHING
Can't understand a word
Half of the stuff I'm sayin'"

Bah...I got invited to some party tonight, but of course my mom couldn't take me. GOD WHEN WILL I FINALLY GET MY PERMIT? My dad said he would get me my vintage mustang if I got good grades...so hello pinto! I am buying a bus pass for here and San Francisco, because I am tired of being reliant on everyone.

In about two weeks I will be in the best city in California.

So I guess tonight is about studying for finals, eating burritos, and being depressed!!!!

I suppose I could make this positve and put on some Daft Punk and do a little dance number...Care to dance m'ladies?

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[15 Jun 2005|02:42pm]
Growing up it was really easy for me to change personalities....I remember I wanted to be Baby Spice from the Spice Girls....and by golly I was like her little mini-me (mini-spice if you will). Another one was Harriet the Spy. I just grabbed a notebook and my spy glass and I was off.

I think as you get older you want to be like someone...but it gets harder. They have money and wealth and maybe you don't. They have fame and you don't...etc etc etc.

What are your role models?
Who do you imitate?
Who do you strive to be like?

Tell good old Ali here.
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[14 Jun 2005|08:33pm]
Today was good stuff. The guy I used to have a little crush is a hardcore vegan, so he hosted this biking thing where kool a$$ kidz can bike around...I'm not to sure why he did it...just for kicks I believe.

But anyway, I turned up feeling a little strange. I hadn't ever said a word to him and I was at his little "event" surrounded by intimidating vegan/feminist/hippie whatevers. It was a lot of fun though just biking around in a big group...I enjoyed it. So tommorow I believe I will compliment him on it, and feel a lot better and less stupid. I am such a pre-meditated person like that.

I really hate my Aunt. She is just a really phony person...I can't handle too much of that fakeness.

But I will get over it..and I will take a shower..reflect..because things seem so peacful right now.

Ever walk in to the shower and hope to get so clean that you come out an enhanced/improved or maybe just a completely different person?


Well I do.
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[13 Jun 2005|04:24pm]
I don't know what feeling is worse...jealousy, fear, or regret.

Today is about rejection...

My mom came up to my Aunt's house to bring me some things and money wearing a Descendants shirt and happy. I am hoping for her speedy recovery.
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[12 Jun 2005|10:06pm]
"On another note,I don't spend to much time on the computer and I take the time to read my friends journal entries when I am on..and if I am genuinly interested or feel the urge to comment I will..I don't just comment to comment.

I'm thinking quality not quantity. Keep that in mind."

I forward this message to all of my current livejournal friends. I'm trying to get better with the comments...so have some patience. But I don't really consider you my "friend" if you delete me in 48 hrs for not commenting on your boring ass posts...and that wasn't directed to anyone...

Ps. No one should feel like they have to comment on my journal at any point in time for fear of the axe.
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[11 Jun 2005|10:45pm]
As for the Faint and BE, it was really a shame. I was so tired and sore from taking a few big falls skating down a wooden plank held up by some cinderblocks.

I was in the front and a girl kept pushing me to try in get infront of me, and when she finally did...I put my gum in her hair..hah! I thought the guitarist and keyboardist of the Faint were way sexy. The keyboardist kept giving me sympathetic looks because I looked really annoyed. I just wanted to dance, not be crammed into to two girls with frizzy hair who loved smacking it in my face.

When Bright Eyes came on I dozed off. My music motto is "If I can't dance to it or cry to it, its not really worth it". Unfortunatly Bright Eyes can't make me do either...but I'm sure if I was in good spirits and not a dead girl walking I would've done a few nudges just to get a glimpse at Connor.

But on a lighter note:

I really like macaulay culkin
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[11 Jun 2005|01:45pm]
So as some may know I am staying at my Aunts house because my mother belongs in a looney bin.

Theres something completely unsettling about my Aunt's house in contrast with my usual house. For one its sort of cluttered and dirty. I sleep in the computer room where cats come in and out, so theres a bunch of fur stored behind the desks that nobody bothers to clean. The contrast is back at my house I can roam free for hours and do what I please, nobodies home for the most part until 6:00. It's clean and free. I miss it.

I have no clue how Alyssa can function in this here! Theres no Sunday thrift store excursions. Theres no time for the beach...in fact I just bought a surfboard from a friend of mine and directly afterwards my Aunt told me straight out she would not be the one to take me to the beach and how she was disapointed I spent my money on a surfboard when I could've used it for pocket money. Why? So she doesn't have to do anymore than what she already doesn't.

I'm a convenient kid. I sit in this room and read. I only go out for food or to skate around a bit. So fuck her if she wants more leisure.

Oh but, she wants my friends number so she can get another board from him for Alyssa...hah! She can pry that phonenumber from my cold dead hands...

As for the Faint and Bright Eyes. I'll talk about that later.
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[06 Jun 2005|07:48pm]
********Another mondane Monday...you know the drill.

I am failing school. Fuck school. just because I fail at school doesn't mean I fail at life. In four days I am seeing The Faint with Bright Eyes and Airborne Audio....We are all going to be trashed and dancing the night away. Thank God, I need time away from my stressful life.

I am staying with my Aunt because I hate my mom. Now that sounds shitty, living with your Aunt...its not. Its only a good reason to have a continuous sleepover with my best friend and partner in crime...my cousin Alyssa. Plus-my two other cousin one 16 and the other 17. Its a long story with my mother...but lets just say if she keeps this up I am moving with my Dad, His Wife, and my little brother in San Francisco, which isn't to bad of a gig either, minus the fact that I must leave my one and only true and blue friend *sigh*. I love San Fran, I should post the pictures of me and Alyssa up there in December...we get into so much trouble, and my Dad's a DJ so we get into clubs and shizzle. I really like to dance.

Too many things on my mind. I can hardly sleep at night!
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[05 Jun 2005|03:56pm]
[ mood | numb ]


Hello, and how are you?

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